How is the ear molding process done?

How is the ear molding process done?

First of all, your baby needs to meet the criteria for our baby ear molding system. In most cases, it takes two to three weeks to attach a headset with the Earwell device. After the first molding Your baby’s ear will be examined and a new device can be applied if the ideal correction has not yet been achieved.
This process is repeated every two weeks until acceptable improvement or correction is seen.

Most ears respond well to ear shaping to improve the shape of the ear if treated early. In general, the younger your child is when the treatment for ear deformities begins, the longer the treatment time. gets short. However, children a few months old can also be successfully treated with non-surgical ear molds.
has been treated. Change the hoses of the molds once a month. Deteriorated, clogged and torn hoses hearing
It causes the sound of crowing as well as disrupting its quality.

Ear molds for babies should not be clogged, make sure that their hoses are clean and open. Ear molds You can remove them from the hearing aids and wash them once a week with cleaning tablets. After washing a You should wait for a while and let it dry. You should make sure that there is no water in the hoses and that they are open. Especially babies with severe to profound hearing loss who use strong hearing aids, due to their age Since they are always sleeping and carried on the lap, there is a high probability of feedback (chirping sound). In this case, do not worry, make sure that the microphones are not covered and the ear molds are well placed in the ear.

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