Laminated Parquet

Laminated Parquet

Many different materials are used on flooring. Laminated parquet, which its top layer is made of wood and processed in machines and used as a floor covering material, is among the preferences of those who like naturalness and want to make more economical choice.

What is Laminated Parquet?

By the top layer in the form of a solid wood layer being wood; laminated parquet, which is produced with two or three layers, HDF or contra middle layer options, is frequently used by those who wish to use natural products and make economical choices. While low grade wood, HDF or plywood is used generally in its lower layers; the tree itself is used in its top layer.

The word laminated is actually used in the sense of bonding and means that it consists of layers that stick together. In standard laminates, the upper layer varies between 1.2 and 6 mm, and is produced in line due to the customer demands.

Laminate Parquet Features

Laminated parquet, which is one of the indispensable covering materials of flooring, has both advantages and several different features. It is on the polish and is offered for sale in ready-made packages.

Other features of laminate include;

  • Made of completely natural wood, laminated consists of 2 or 3 layers.
  • It is preferred for its ergonomics, decorative and healthy structure.
  • Available in packages and polished. It offers fast laying as it is tongue-and-groove.
  • Polished or oiled options are available.
  • Single strip flooring is also called plank; on a parquet floor piece, it gives the appearance of a single piece in the long apperance.

What is the Difference Between Laminate and Parquet?

Laminate flooring and parquet flooring are constantly mixed with each other. However, the most important difference between the two is the creation of the upper layer by printing patterns, not using real wood in laminate flooring. So laminate flooring is not natural. On the other hand, the top layer of parquet flooring consists of wood, that is, it is natural. Therefore, there is a cost difference between the two. In addition, they differ from each other in other features.

  • Laminate is produced by printing resin-impregnated paper on compressed sawdust. In other words, it is not used as parquet, but as an aesthetic-looking coating material that is preferred in the sub-heading of parquet.
  • In laminate flooring, the top layer is the lacquer layer. Paper layer, HDF layer and balance sheet are used underneath.
  • In laminated parquet, the top layer, the papel layer, is wood, marine contra or HDF can be used in the middle layer, and natural wood is used in the balance layer, that is, the bottom layer.
  • Laminated is natural and healthy as well. It is long lasting and provides sound acoustics.

While laminated parquet is produced from wood, it is pressed to the trees by drying and air conditioning during production. However, since both products have different usage areas, both are preferable covering products.

What are the Points to Consider When Buying Laminated Flooring?

Laminated parquet, which is frequently preferred in homes in terms of both decoration and practicality; is also frequently used in offices with its different varieties. In addition to the color varieties, it is necessary to evaluate different criteria when purchasing parquets that are selected according to different selections.

  • The size of the laminate and its intended use are important. Parquet selection should be made in accordance with the purpose of use.
  • For office areas, thicker mm parquet is preferred as thinner mm parquets are ideal for houses. However, it should be considered how much weight he will lift during the day. As 21-23 mm parquets are ideal for houses, 31 mm parquets are suitable for offices.
  • When choosing laminate flooring; because the tree is a natural product, selections called selection occur. The selections are clean material (knot, non-sapwood), natural (knotted), antique (with knots and cracks), rustic (with knots, cracks and color differences).

Parquets that are waited being closed for 48 hours in the area to be applied in order to expand and adapt during the application. If the parquets do not adapt; segregation or compression would occur. At the same time, while laying the parquet, smoothing the area and making the application, the floor measurement should be made by experts.

How is Laminated Flooring Installed?

Laminated parquet flooring is made by experienced people who are masters in their field. While laying, the parquet should not be flush with the wall. Leaving the stretch allowance will prevent the parquet from being damaged.

While making parquet flooring;

  • In order for the parquet to be mounted on the wooden floor, it is ensured that the nail heads come to the floor and the screws are buried. Another point to note here is that the ground is flat.
  • After making sure that the entire surface is smooth, the dimensions of the flooring are taken. 10% wastage, floor underlay and laminated parquet amount are calculated as m2.
  • Laminated flooring is laid according to the direction of the sun entering the room. Before installation, an underlayment is laid on the subfloors. The floor underlayment is cut in appropriate sizes and fixed.
  • Following the determination of the panels; The parquet, which was kept 48 hours before the start of the application, is turned over and the panel is passed into the gap by keeping it facing the end of the panel.
  • The first row is completed so that the ends of the panels are interlocked.

While laying, the panels are mounted from the left to the right of the room as cutting is going on until the skirting board. Joints are arranged without overlap. Laying is completed by continuing to place the entire parquet from left to right.

Laminate Floor Care

Laminate flooring care is a procedure that must be applied for long-term use of the product. In order for the parquet to be healthier and to be used for years, some maintenance procedures are required.

  • It is a natural material and therefore the ambient temperature should be between 15 degrees and 24 degrees. Humidity should ideally be set between 40% and 60%. If you are located in a region outside of these rates, different flooring types should be used.
  • Materials with nails or pointed heels should not be used. These substances spoil the naturalness of the parquet.
  • Materials such as felt should be adhered to the feet of the furniture for preventing scratches or other deterioration.
  • While cleaning the parquet, natural cleaners should be used. Heavy chemical cleaning materials should be avoided.
  • It should not be contacted directly with water, instead of that it should be cleaned with a damp cloth.

When the maintenance and cleaning of laminated parquet is performed in the correct way, you will not only prolong its life but also prevent scratches and deterioration of its structure.

Best BVT Laminate Flooring Models

Among the best BVT laminated flooring models, which have been increasing in recent years and preferred in homes and offices; there are models made of oak, ash, maple and walnut wood.

  • Select
  • Natural
  • Ancient
  • Rustic

Parquet models, which look even more aesthetic thanks to the brushed surfaces in that the natural structure of the wood is emphasized, the protective layer is also used on it against moisture, dirt and scratches.

What are Laminate Parquet Color Types?


It has an eye-catching structure with its colors as well as laminated parquet models. Parquet colors, which will create a complete change in the decoration of your home, have a wide color scale. Besides light oak, gray, silver oak, white; there are color varieties such as walnut color, larissa and sarissa for those who prefer dark colors.

How Much Are Laminated Parquet Prices?

Laminated parquet is produced from 2 or 3 layers of wood. Laminated parquet prices that you will prefer in your home decoration or office decoration differ according to the m2 area where the flooring will be made, the type of strip used, the workmanship, and the type of wood it is made of. You could contact BVT to see the products that will meet your expectations and needs and to obtain the decoration of your dreams at affordable costs.

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